Quality Machine & Manufacturing (QM&M) has been engineering and manufacturing high quality equipment, including fish cleaning stations, and chitterling (intestine) cleaning machines since 1960.  For many years we operated through distributors, but, with the exception of a few select distributors, have gone mostly factory direct in the last several years.


QM&M is the only manufacturer to have a full line of fish cleaning stations.  Our BARRACUDA line of stations uses the dual shaft, high torque, JWC grinder, and the station of choice for dozens of state, county, and city parks throughout the U.S., as well as several federal agencies.  It is because it is the quietest on the market, has a very low going maintenance expense, and is extremely efficient as it will process most fish including catfish and salmon.  Also, our exclusive operating system allows for controlling all times, flows, and water consumption.  It is the only fish cleaning station to be able to operate on as little as 2GPM if that is an issue.

Our STRICKLER line of chitterling (intestine) and stomach slitting and cleaning machines are specified by most major hog and cattle processors in the world.  We have been providing parts and service for STRICKLER chit machines for over 30 years.

At QM&M, we engineer, manufacture and distribute the highest quality of fish cleaning stations and meat packing equipment anywhere.

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