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Fish Cleaning Stations

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Is there a difference in Fish Cleaning Stations?

Yes, definitely.  Originally the garbage disposal type station was the standard of the industry.  It was noisy, had high maintenance costs, but somewhat economical initial purchase.  Many would not process certain fish (catfish and salmon among others) and because of the noise, fisherman would load the hopper before starting causing ultimate motor failure.

About 10 years ago, QM&M (formerly QCEC) being a long time JWC distributor, decided to make a highly efficient, quiet, and safer fish cleaning station which has since become the standard of the industry..(see our installations)..Not only is our station quieter, but safer because of our unique inlet.  We also have a control system that will allow for total control of all flows, and grind times, to include water usage ability down to as low as 2GPM..Most others need 8-10GPM or more...(See Fish Cleaning Station Selection/Comparison Guide)



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Fish Cleaning Station

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